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Use AI to customize your resume to match a job description and get more interviews.

Flavored Resume - Rewrite your resume to match job descriptions using AI | Product HuntFlavored Resume - Rewrite your resume to match job descriptions using AI | Product Hunt
Resumes rewritten with AI

AI-Powered Resume Optimization

Utilize AI to analyze job descriptions and industry trends, enhancing your resume with targeted keywords.

ATS-Friendly Resume Formatting

Improve resume structure and readability for easy ATS parsing with our professional formatting solution.

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User-Friendly Resume Editing

Enjoy a seamless, self-service experience with our web platform for instant resume edits.



Improve your resume to get more interviews

Regardless of where you are in your career, you need a resume. A resume goes over your work history, experience, skills, and accomplishments. Unfortunately, writing resumes for most people is exhausting and about as fun as getting fillings in your teeth. Most of us are not professional writers and this is one type of writing we can't avoid if we want to grow our career. On top of that, you usually have to write and re-write your resume for different job descriptions.

Flavored Resume helps you rewrite your resume to better fit the different jobs you're applying for. The only thing left for you is to apply and show off how great you are in the interviews!